FoLD: a permanent, controlled-access, online repository for forensic linguistic research

Tim Grant

School of Languages & Social Sciences, Aston University

This talk presents an innovative online resource for sharing and accessing forensic linguistics data, the Forensic Linguistic Databank (FoLD -, developed in the Aston Institute for Forensic Linguistics (AIFL) at Aston University, Birmingham. FoLD is a permanent, controlled access online repository for forensic linguistic data, including malicious communication data, investigative interview data, hate speech, and legal language.

Since access to relevant forensic linguistic data has been notoriously challenging since the conception of the discipline in the 1960s, FoLD represents the first attempt to provide researchers with the opportunity of sharing datasets of different levels of sensitivity and ethical concern.

In this talk we present the FoLD repository, how to donate data, and how to access already existing datasets from the website.

We further showcase a project carried out by researchers in the FoLD research centre at AIFL using data from FoLD.

Week 4 2022/2023

Monday 31st October 2022

Microsoft Teams - request a link via email

This talk is a cross-over with FORGE, who provide seminars on forensic linguistics