About Us

We are a dynamic and diverse group of 6 academics, along with over 20 dedicated researchers and PhD students, passionately engaged in exploring various Natural Language Processing (NLP) related topics across multiple languages.


Group Members

With a rich blend of expertise from diverse departments and disciplines, including Computing, Finance, Linguistics, and Health and Medicine, our group comprises 35 enthusiastic members collaborating on cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) research and applications.



Our extensive research endeavors encompass an impressive array of 20 languages from different corners of the world, spanning across Asian, African, European, and Middle Eastern regions. We are committed to unraveling the intricacies of language through Natural Language Processing (NLP) to foster cross-cultural understanding and global impact.


Research Output

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our esteemed academic team has collectively published over 1600 papers across diverse multidisciplinary fields, solidifying our position as leading contributors in the realm of Natural Language Processing (NLP) research.


Google Scholar Citations

Furthermore, our academic team's groundbreaking research has garnered substantial recognition, amassing over 23,000 Google Scholar citations, a testament to the significant influence and relevance of our contributions in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Our UCREL NLP Academic Team

Professor Paul Rayson

UCREL Director 

 Professor in NLP

Dr Mo El-Haj 

UCREL Co-DirectoR  

Senior Lecturer in NLP     

Dr Alistair Baron

UCREL Co-Director

Senior Lecturer  n NLP

Dr Saad Ezzini

Lecturer in NLP and SE

Dr Scott Piao

Lecturer in NLP (BJTU)

Professor Ruslan Mitkov  

Chair in NLP & Cyber Security

Our UCREL NLP Research Team

Dr Ignatius Ezeani

 Senior Research Associate

Dr Daisy Lal 

Research Associate

Dr Matthew Coole 

Senior Research Associate

Dr John Vidler

Senior Research Associate

Chiamaka Chukwuneke

Research Assistant

Dr Nouran Khallaf  

Research Associate

Our UCREL NLP PhD Students

Nadhem Zmandar

 Financial Summarisation

Jesse Phillips

Code Summarisation

Steven Mander

ML techniques for NLP

Daisy Harvey

 Mental Health NLP

Glorianna Jagfeld

Mental Health NLP

Ratchakrit Arreerard


Mansour Almansour

Recommendation Systems

Israa Alsiyat

Sentiment Analysis


  • Dr Lama Asudias
  • Dr Matthew Coole
  • Dr Andrew Moore
  • Dr Edward Durden
  • Dr Alistair Baron
  • Dr Matt Edwards
  • Dr Muhammed Sharjeel
  • Dr Eddie Bell
  • Dr Stephen Wattam
  • Dr Laura Löfberg
  • Dr Jawad Shafi
  • Dr John Vidler
  • Dr Alex Reinhold
  • Dr Katharina Maclnnes
  • Dr Sheryl Prentice
  • Dr Patrick Tschorn